Evergreen Leaders- Khaide Millat(1896-1973)

The sweet memories of the thrilling exploits of this great leader have always filled our otherwise dark paths with flowers of light. Having lost hope and wrapped in indolence, the Muslim community was awakened by this great man. A noble soul that appears on earth once in thousand years it was.

It was he with his paternal affection pointed out the shores of hope when we were floating aimlessly in the darkness. He was weaving the broken threads for creating unity and gave witness to us of a glorious mourning beyond the horizon. It was he who poured the sweet hymns in our ears, ears that had become numb with the sound of crackers. Though we got up from the slumber a little late, there was some darkness. There he was holding in his weak hands the native light. There were dogs barking and ready to jump upon us. But under his guidance the soldiers marched on.

At the last meeting of All India Muslim League, when one by one the names were proposed to be the leader of the Indian Union Muslim League, Kaide A’Asme’s was getting darker. At last appeared the name of the person, who in the undivided Muslim League’s literature named as Muhammed Ismail of Madras, and later became Kaide Millath. Then Jinnah’s face became bright. Kaide Millath was elevated to that position in the midst of cheering sounds of ‘thakdir’. On 10th March 1948 he was elected President of the Indian Muslim League.

Besides being a member of the Constituent Assembly he had been a Member of Parliament since 1952. He was elected to Rajya Sabha from Madras Assembly and thrice was he elected to Lok Sabha from Kerala. In the history of the Muslim Community, his heroic fight for defending the rights of the Muslims has become glorious chapters. He was a Sufi among the political leaders of his time and a rebel among the Sufis of his time. At the age of seventy-five bringing sorrow to millions of Muslims all over the old, he bade farewell to us forever at the bedside at Madras Medical College. But by that time thousands of young men had become mature enough to hold the flag that this man had held aloft


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