Evergreen Leaders- Bafaky Thangal (1906-1973)

Bafaky Thangal was a man of man parts. He came with a message of communal harmony and became a shinning pearl in history. He defended the Muslim who were ignored or exploited. His personality that was full of concern for suffering people he is an open book in front of organizational workers today. His good intentions were reflected in his selfless style of functioning, which should be a model to even other political leaders. He was without the mask of hypocrisy. His heart was full of love and affection. Even in the political situations filled with clouds and storms he was like a determined captain using his diplomacy as well as discretion.

1952 was an important year in the life of Bafaky Thangal. It was in that year Muslim League for the first time-contested election from general constituency. It was then like a compass the whole political scenes turned towards Bafaky Thangal. Kerala was then watching the incomparable sharpness of Bafaky Thangal in moving the chessmen on the board of Kerala politics. It was his diplomacy and dexterity that paved the way for the Muslim League to participate in the government. He considered the cultural heritage of Islam a treasure or a great gift. This was reflected in the innocent as well as pleasant smile on his face, a hallmark of Islamic pride. That smile was full of sweetness of love. A person who has met him for only once will not forget the charisma of that man.

There are only a few people in the history that considered organizational work as a part of prayer. Syed Abdul Bafaky Thangal was one among them. His story was not a story of a leader but it is a picture of the whole community.


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